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Groundwater is present almost everywhere beneath the land surface. It is essentially a subsurface reservoir of water that represents 98% of the Earth’s unfrozen freshwater. Groundwater is recharged by surface water from rain, rivers, snow, or melting ice.

Founded in January 2022, GroundwaterU bridges the knowledge gap between groundwater experts and the millions of people who need to make decisions and take actions to sustain access to clean water for drinking and agriculture water everywhere.

Billions of people rely on groundwater. It is used for almost 50% of drinking water and is a primary source for irrigation water, and it sustains water in rivers and lakes during periods of drought. Groundwater is an essential resource that sustains humans, animals, and ecosystems.

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Welcome to GroundwaterU

Jan 30, 2022. We are excited to share this resource with you. GroundwaterU is a knowledge hub for all things groundwater. Our site visitors include groundwater practitioners, educators, policy makers, students, and the public at large.

GroundwaterU Overview – A Short Video

This 1.5 minute video explains the concept and features of, including how you can add your own video to the global library.

Visualization and Modeling of Groundwater Pollution

Video of a presentation at Stevens Institute of Technology about groundwater contamination that includes several animations.

Hydrogeology 101: Theis Method

This video is one of several educational videos of hydrogeology produced by Geosearch International. The video presents the Theis (1935) non-steady-state