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Calling all groundwater practitioners, hydrogeologists, geologists, civil/geotechnical/environmental engineers, environmental sustainability professionals, regulatory and policy professionals, environmental attorneys, environmental newscasters and documentarians, and students:

If you or your organization created an educational video and/or are a presenter in a recorded lecture, meeting, or webinar that is available online (for example, on a YouTube channel), you can add the video to the GroundwaterU Public Video library free of charge and using a simple electronic form. Also, PowerPoint presentations can be transformed into video format suitable for the GroundwaterU Library. This option enables professionals to share their work and creativity with the world. However, the library content is selective; it is not intended to house all presentations. Educational style and type of content are important factors, and all submissions will be reviewed by GroundwaterU curators. Therefore, please be sure to Review the Instructions and Examples before submitting the video form below.

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To Groundwater Professionals and the General Public who HAVE NOT created a video:

Your knowledge is also very helpful. If you have found a high quality video on the internet that is not already on GroundwaterU, please contact us. Even if it isn’t a video you created, you can submit the link and write the summary (that is, you can add the video). You will be credited as a reviewer (example).

Click here for a partial list of videos amenable to the Library but which need a volunteer to provide a summary.

In choosing and summarizing a video, please keep the GroundwaterU Values in mind

Critical thinking and good science


In education and problem-solving


Teaching through engagement


Learning for all interest levels


Integrating multidisciplinary concepts


Exploration beneath the surface

In the future, GroundwaterU will provide guidance to transform PowerPoint presentations, books, and journal articles into high-quality videos suitable for the GroundwaterU library. Be sure to Join our Mailing List to receive notifications about this guidance.