Addressing Global Groundwater Challenges – Ten Reasons it’s messy. Ten challenges

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Presentation by David Kraemer, Professor of the Department of Geoscience, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and President of the International Association of Hydrogeologists. The presentation was given at the 47th IAH Congress, virtual conference in 2021.

In the video, Prof. Kraemer first reviews global challenges for groundwater around the world, including inadequate sanitation, industrial and agricultural pollution, and contamination from geologic sources (e.g., arsenic). He then discusses ten specific challenges:

1. Over population (socio-hydrogeology)
2. Gender and age bias (socio-hydrogeology)
3. Future conflict and transboundary aquifer issues (socio-hydrogeology)
4. Education gap between scientific research advances in groundwater and field practices (including that real world hydrogeologic scenarios and accompanying scientific principles are not taught in the classroom).
5. Hydrophilanthropy gone awry
6. Inappropriate high-tech solutions where low-tech solutions can help solve groundwater issues in areas of need
7. Conversely, not enough use of powerful new technologies (e.g., groundwater forensics, satellite imagery)
8. More data and data harmonization is needed
9. Lack of imagination by hydrogeologists
10. Other reasons as described by John Cherry in his lecture on the same topic titled “Ten Reasons Why Our Relationship with Groundwater is a Total Mess“, also presented at the 47th IAH Congress.

The presentation includes many photographs related to various hydrogeologic issues/phenomena. It also includes a brief video showing a low-tech way to pump water from a shallow well in Africa.

His presentation spans from t=42:11 to 103:00 in the video.

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