Contributor Benefits

Sharing your knowledge and creativity on can benefit everyone and help address the global water crisis. There are additional benefits:

By adding a video to the GroundwaterU catalogue, your work (or your organization’s work) becomes more visible to a global audience of fellow groundwater professionals and to the public at large.

Your work reaches a much larger audience compared to the audience at a recorded presentation, lecture, and even the current number of viewers of a professional-grade documentary.

1. Your cataloged video and summary gets its own web address

It is assigned a unique URL, which anyone can share on social media or email. This feature furthers the potential reach of your work or the collective work by members of an organization. If you choose, your contact information can be included in your Video Summary.

GroundwaterU is a not-for-profit educational platform, and adding a video is free if the video does not contain promotional content for business entities, such as engineering and consulting firms. If your company video is educational in nature but will benefit your company by getting a unique URL and the other unique features associated with inclusion in the GroundwaterU Library, contact us before filling out the “Add Video” form to discuss how you can support the initiative.

2. Your video gets more internet “hits”

Your YouTube channel (or any web platform or organization-specific website) where the video file resides gets more “hits”. GroundwaterU does not host video files — only links to the videos that are hosted elsewhere on the internet. If a video is played on the GroundwaterU website, it gets counted as a “view” of your video on YouTube. Therefore, more views on GroundwaterU equals more views of your YouTube channel.

3. Your creative content gets more internet exposure

A submittal to GroundwaterU requires a video summary, which is provided along with the video on the search result page. This summary also serves to populate the GroundwaterU keyword database. In contrast, the titles and descriptions of videos posted on YouTube and other video platforms do not contain sufficient keywords needed to find specific video content. For example, videos that include footage of groundwater conditions or sustainability strategies in a particular location and that presents the information with the aid of animation and maps cannot be found with a typical internet search. As a result, a video with high educational value is currently invisible to internet search engines. Once it is added to GroundwaterU, it becomes part of a more searchable catalogue.

Thousands of videos

As the GroundwaterU Library grows, the website will become one of the most referenced links of groundwater-related content on the internet. Add your video so the GroundwaterU Library grows to include thousands of videos.

Help grow the GroundwaterU Library