Groundwater Contamination for Beginners | Groundwater Plume Simulation and Visualization

GroundwaterU Video Summary

This educational video is aimed at those unfamiliar with groundwater resources and groundwater contamination. The exclusion of audio is purposeful; the video guides the viewer during the groundwater contamination simulation and visualization of groundwater plumes.

  • The animation illustrates several features and phenomena, including:
    An unconfined aquifer and water table
  • Drawdown, and how a cone of depression forms from groundwater pumping.
  • Shallow groundwater being pumped by a private well.
  • Liquid solvent (DNAPL) infiltrating into the ground and creating a groundwater plume and accumulating on top of a clay layer.
  • Contamination of a municipal water supply and private well.
  • Gasoline leaking from a damaged underground storage tank and floating on the water table because it is less dense than water (LNAPL).
  • Vapor from the floating gasoline and contaminated groundwater entering the basements of homes.
  • Groundwater plume discharge into a lake and impact to sediment quality.

The video also includes additional text that provides a more advanced description of various features and phenomena.

About this Video

Video Creator: Andrew J.B. Cohen
Recommended/Summary by: Andrew J.B. Cohen
Curated by GroundwaterU on: 12/15/2021

Video Language: English
Video Category: Science/Engineering
Multimedia Type: Animation/Simulation, Descriptive Text
Presentation Style: Other
Technical Level: Beginner