Groundwater Flow Lines Tracer Test

GroundwaterU Video Summary

In this excellent demonstration, Professor Allan Rodhe of Uppsala University uses a sand tank model equipped with a grid of piezometers to show the relationships between hydraulic head and groundwater flow direction, and how to draw potentiometric contour lines and associated flow lines based on the water levels measured in the piezometers. Tracers are also used to further illustrate the relationships between water level elevations, hydraulic head, potentiometric contours, flow directions, and relative groundwater velocity. The concepts of constant head boundaries and no-flow boundaries are also presented.

Other very good instructional videos by Professor Rodhe can be found here:

About this Video

Video Creator: Prof. Allan Rodhe
Recommended/Summary by: Andrew Cohen
Curated by GroundwaterU on: 02/16/2023

Video Language: English
Video Category: Science/Engineering
Multimedia Type: Film/Pictures, Drawings/Graphs/Maps
Presentation Style: Demonstration
Technical Level: Beginner, Intermediate