Groundwater is the Key to a Sustainable Earth

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In this compelling presentation, distinguished professor Dr. John A. Cherry presents his case that the concurrent deterioration of freshwater, soil, forests and oceans, compounded by climate effects, has put the well-being of many societies at great risk. Whereas greenhouse gas emissions are perceived as the overarching threat, our focus should be groundwater.

Dr. John Cherry is recipient of the 2020 Stockholm Water Prize, and Leader of The Groundwater Project, which is a volunteer-based, charitable nonprofit organization (NGO) registered in Canada and global in scope. It is committed to the advancement of groundwater understanding and awareness by creating and making high-quality groundwater learning materials in many languages available for download free of charge from its website (

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Video Creator: The Global Institute for Water Security, What About Water, and the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan
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Curated by GroundwaterU on: 04/26/2024

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