Groundwater Topics

Despite its importance, groundwater receives little attention.

To much of the population it is an unknown entity. Therefore, in order to successfully address the groundwater crisis, groundwater knowledge must be shared. This need for greater awareness and understanding of groundwater extends beyond the public at large; groundwater management is a highly multidisciplinary challenge. As a result, knowledge sharing (that is, teaching and learning) is also needed by professionals within the groundwater community.

GroundwaterU helps to address this need.

There is a multitude of science, engineering, human health, environmental sustainability, policy, legal, and economic issues associated with groundwater. Increased awareness and education about groundwater is therefore critical. GroundwaterU videos cover a broad range of subjects, including the following:

  • Fundamentals of hydrogeology
  • Managed Aquifer Recharge
  • Groundwater contamination and pollution
  • Groundwater remediation and treatment
  • Groundwater extraction for developing countries and communities
  • Aquifer exploration, well drilling, and management
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • Groundwater for agriculture
  • Groundwater geochemistry
  • Hydrogeologic characterization
  • Groundwater modeling and mathematical tools
  • Effects of carbon sequestration
  • Seawater intrusion
  • Regional groundwater systems and transboundary aquifers
  • Water law
  • Groundwater governance, policy, and management
  • Water scarcity
  • Water stewardship
  • Conjunctive use and Integrated Water
    Resources Management (IWRM)
  • Groundwater in arid climates
  • Groundwater monitoring and assessment
  • Groundwater overdevelopment and depletion
  • Sustainability
  • Groundwater and ecosystems
  • Karst hydrogeology
  • Fractured rock hydrogeology
  • Contaminant transport
  • Multiphase flow
  • Groundwater and population growth
  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
  • Groundwater for industrial uses
  • Geophysical exploration methods
  • Land surface subsidence
  • Sea-level rise
  • Stream flow depletion
  • Loss of springs, wetlands, and ecological damages
  • Food availability, economic stresses, and geopolitical conflicts.
  • Groundwater/surface water interaction
  • Groundwater and the Critical Zone
  • Fracking and groundwater quality
  • Groundwater forensics
  • Contaminants of emerging concern
  • Groundwater and subsurface waste isolation
  • Urban groundwater
  • Geomicrobiology of aquifer systems
  • Groundwater and subsurface energy development
  • Global change and groundwater cycles
  • Groundwater dependent ecosystems
  • Groundwater myths