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Groundwater is water that fills the pores in sediment or the cracks and voids in underground rocks. It is the world’s most extracted raw material and represents 99% of the Earth’s unfrozen freshwater. Billions of people depend on groundwater for basic water needs; it is used for almost 50% of drinking water worldwide and is one of the primary sources of water used for irrigation. Despite these facts, groundwater receives little attention in general, and there is a lack of groundwater knowledge among the public, technical communities, and by policy makers.

GroundwaterU is a knowledge-distribution tool created to bridge the knowledge gap between groundwater experts and the millions of people who need sustainable access to clean water. It is a curated library of educational videos related to all things groundwater – from science and engineering to law and policy, and for all interest and learning levels. The videos can be searched with keywords and using several filters including video features (such as computer simulations and animations, laboratory or field demonstrations, and figures and maps), presentation styles (such as documentaries or lectures), in various languages and technical levels, and by language.

Another unique aspect of the video library is the inclusion of written summaries of the video content, including identification of education-rich multimedia content included in the video. These summaries serve to create an extensive database of keywords, thereby enabling visitors to unearth specific content that is otherwise invisible to internet search engines. In addition, the summaries on are instantly translated into 100 languages with the aid of a drop down menu.

Volunteers build the video library. Fortunately, there are many creative practitioners who are interested in teaching and learning and who have already developed high-quality educational videos that are available on the internet. Others have developed and given high quality, multimedia presentations in classrooms and conferences, but have not posted them to the internet in video format. These creative works can be transformed into videos and included in the GroundwaterU library.

A goal of GroundwaterU is to build a catalog consisting of hundreds of high quality educational videos related to groundwater, including videos produced in multiple languages and from around the globe.

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