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From YouTube: “This video demonstrates how to use the software tool called “TopoDrive’ to create and simulate topographically-driven groundwater flow systems.The flow system is a vertical cross-section with no-flow boundaries on the left, right, and bottom sides. The top boundary is the water table and is specified by the user. Given this specification of the water table elevation, in order to satisfy Darcy’s Law and conserve mass, water must flow across the water table boundary either into or out of the system.The TopoDrive software uses a numerical model to solve the groundwater flow equations, then draws equipotential lines at a constant contour interval throughout the system. Once the equipotential lines are drawn, the user can select a point(s) from which the program will trace a flow line(s), or can specify and array of particles that will follow flow lines through the groundwater system.”The TopoDrive software can be accessed at

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Video Creator: The Groundwater Project
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