Jacob Bear Personal Perspectives

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“Jacob Bear is interviewed by Alex Cheng and a group of colleagues and students from the Universities of Mississippi and Memphis. Jacob Bear reflects upon his distinguished career and emphasizes the important need for connections to be made between fundamental understanding and real-world applications. The video shows us how Jacob Bear started to write his first book “Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media” for UNESCO, his motivations, the people that influenced him, and how teaching is an important part of his work.

– 0:00 Introduction
– 3:23 Jacob Bear presents himself, his curricula
– 14:38 Important people: teachers he learned from
– 21:45 Important people: students he learned from
– 23:00 Important books: published a book for UNESCO in 1968
– 33:42 New areas of research
– 37:52 Partnerships / working together
– 40:47 Connection between practice and theory
– 45:19 Motivations to continue working
– 48:04 Teaching is a joy / New technologies (Internet), new ways of teaching
– 51:35 What would you like people to remember about you?
– 53:53 Historical context (war/creation of Israel): problems are currently more acute”

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