Low Flow Groundwater Sampling Field Demonstration

GroundwaterU Video Summary

This video is a field demonstration of groundwater sampling using the low flow method. It shows all the details of pump placement, drawdown control and measurements, flow cell programing, achieving the optimum pumping flow rate for steady-state pumping and drawdown, stabilization of field indicator parameters and sample collection.

The video is narrated in Portuguese.

The equipment used in this video is manufactured by QED Environmental Systems, as follows:
Sample Pro 1.75″ Bladder Pump with disposable bladder
MP15 Control Panel with built in CO2 tank
MP20 Water Quality Sonde with Flow Cell
MP30 Water Lever + Drawdown meter

note: “low flow” is sometimes denoted “low-flow”

About this Video

Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eQKUPAYPmQ&t=717s
Video Creator: Paulo Negrao
Recommended/Summary by: Paulo Negrao
Curated by GroundwaterU on: 02/04/2022

Video Language: Português
Video Category: Science/Engineering
Multimedia Type: Film/Pictures
Presentation Style: Demonstration
Technical Level: Beginner, Intermediate