Mapping Resources that Matter – Paul Bauman

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This video is a recording of a presentation by Paul Bauman, a geophysicist and hydrogeologist who has been involved in groundwater resources exploration using geophysics in Africa. He describes and presents examples of how the science of exploration geophysics is a critical ingredient to properly determine where to drill wells that can provide clean and reliable water to communities in Africa.. Examples from exploration programs in the arid regions of Hodgenville Province in Yemen and Malawi (Southeast Africa), and also in the wet region of Sumatra, where a tsunami resulted in the contamination of wells and aquifers by salt water. Geophysical methods include seismic surveys, gravity surveys, borehole geophysics, surface conductivity mapping, and airborne conductivity mapping to identify water-bearing subsurface rock (aquifers). Additionally, the effects of vertical displacement of geologic units (a fault) on groundwater occurrence is illustrated, and pictures of various types of hand pumps are presented.

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