Physical Hydrology (Lecture 3, Part 1)

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This video lecture – starting lecture of the e-learning course ‘Physical Hydrology’ at – explains the basic physics of groundwater flow. The video starts with a small quiz to check on misconceptions. The groundwater flow path is studied from a photo of a gravel/sand-filled model between two glass plates, where a coloring dye has been injected: Bernoulli’s law for groundwater, the hydraulic head, elevation head, and pressure head are introduced. Darcy’s law is deduced from a thought experiment: the hydraulic gradient, hydraulic conductivity, volume flux density (specific discharge), effective porosity, effective groundwater velocity, and travel time of groundwater are introduced.

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Video Creator: Prof. Martin Hendriks, Utrecht University
Recommended/Summary by: Martin R. Hendriks
Curated by GroundwaterU on: 01/01/2022

Video Language: English
Video Category: Science/Engineering
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