The Story of Caves

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Caves are magical places, full of amazing sights. The mineral deposits that adorn cave ceilings and walls are intricate and incredibly varied consisting of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, frozen waterfalls, rimstone dams and, the most remarkable all of cave formations – helictites and every one of them has been sculptured by nothing more than water.

Caves themselves are also created by water – the tunnels, chambers, shafts and finely sculptured walls have all been carved out by flowing water.

So how do caves and their decorations come into existence?

Video sequences, animated sequences, narration and editing by Keith Edwards

Brendan Marris
Mark Burkey
Colin Dixon

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This short video is merely an overview of cave development and covers the subject in a highly simplified way. It does not include anything about the types of limestone laid down in different geological periods of time or how cave passage development can be modified by such things as infill, faults and fractures in the rock layers. It will inevitably contain some inaccuracies (I hope very few) and omissions.

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