Visualization and Modeling of Groundwater Pollution

GroundwaterU Video Summary

This video presents a several animations of how groundwater contaminants migrate in the subsurface.

Animation 1: Groundwater Contamination by Chlorinated Solvents and Gasoline
Animation 2: Groundwater Contamination Due to a Hazardous Waste Landfill
Animation 3: Groundwater Contamination of a Fractured Rock Aquifer
Animation 4: Groundwater Contamination at a Remediation Site in Ohio
Animation 5: Groundwater Contamination by “Forever Chemicals” (Firefighting Foam; PFAS)
It also shows a laboratory demonstration of groundwater contamination using a sand tank model, and some basic features such as water table, groundwater discharge to surface water, and a shallow well. Groundwater pumping for municipal water supply for Clayton, New Jersey is illustrated. A map of a PFOS (a type of PFAS) plume at the Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Michigan, USA is explained.

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