Watch a Water Well Being Drilled

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This video provides a technical overview of drilling a water well at a cabin, highlighting the key steps and considerations involved. It begins with the use of a larger drill bit to create an initial hole for the metal casing, which prevents surface groundwater contamination. The drilling rig operates with a pounding and rotating action, pulverizing the limestone bedrock encountered at a shallow depth. Water and air are pumped in to lubricate and power the drilling bit.

As the drilling progresses, additional drill rods are added to reach greater depths. Bentonite clay is applied around the casing to create an impervious seal, ensuring only deep, clean groundwater enters the well. The video also discusses the importance of monitoring the slurry’s color and the flow rate of water to determine when significant water sources are hit. The well ultimately reaches a depth of 146 feet, with a strong flow rate of 40-50 gallons per minute, indicating successful water location. The process emphasizes the balance between drilling deep enough to secure water and avoiding over-drilling, which could lead to water loss through fissures.


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